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music is a space where sound and imagination connect

a web of temporal threads that weave our pasts together

with a hope directed towards an idea that something will occur

music manifests a fragile yet powerful phenomena,

an ephemeral moment of now and newness.

my name is Bendik Sells and I am a composer born in Trondheim with a connection to the coast of Trøndelag, more specific in the Fosen-region. I am now residing in Oslo, Norway and Berlin/Potsdam, Germany. 

during my Candidate Study in Music Composition and while studying for a Master in Applied Music Theory at The Norwegian Academy of Music I gradually shaped an interest towards the craft of environmentally conscious composition strategies.

the projects I participate in often bloom from a symbiosis of imagination & structured improvisation. Sometimes with the application of analytical tools from Aural Sonology; exploring ways of listening and with then both understanding and reinventing eco-acoustic soundscapes - the sound of nature - in a context of western classical contemporary music composition and Norwegian folk music.

Copyright   Copyright   Bendik Sells 2024

Bendik Sells Copyright 2024